Programs & Involvement

Internationally-focused groups are registered through the department of Student Leadership and Engagement. An updated listing of international groups is accessible on the Student Leadership and Engagement website.

International Student Association

The primary organization representing the entire international student body at USF is the International Student Association (ISA). ISA promotes cultural education, advocates for the USF international student body, and provides a social community by being the voice of the international students, creating social interactions, and developing educational opportunities for cultural enrichment.

Contact ISA: ISA on Instagram/Like ISA on Facebook

ISSS Podcast: Global Connections at USF

Introducing our new podcast series, "Global Connections at USF: Navigating Higher Education with Insight and Support," brought to you by the International Student and Scholar Services! This podcast aims to provide valuable insights into on-campus and local resources, as well as student perspectives on navigating the diverse landscape of higher education. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable information and support as we explore the diverse experiences of our international community. Subscribe to "Global Connections at USF" and stay tuned for more exciting conversations and insights in the episodes to come! If you have a topic suggestion or would like to be featured in one of our episodes, please email us at or DM us @usfca.isss on Instagram! 


Culturescape, the annual signature event of ISA, is designed to educate the USF community about world cultures, with particular emphasis on the cultures represented at our school. Under the advisement of ISSS, Culturescape is planned, hosted, and presented by the USF international and domestic students. During Culturescape, students share their culture through dance, song, instrumental performance, poetry, and artistic performance. The “after party” includes various ethnic foods to offer a sampling of the tastes of the world to our community.

International Education Week

International Education Week is a national celebration of education exchange. Join us to stimulate deeper cultural understanding in our own community and foster an inclusive worldview. Learn more about participating in IEW!