Environmental Law Society at USF Law

The Environmental Law Society (ELS) exists to enhance the law school experience by fostering the study and awareness of legal issues surrounding sustainability and the environment.

Through our various networking opportunities, professional resources and referrals for clinical placements, ELS seeks to inspire, support, and train the next generation of environmental leaders.

In addition, ELS works with other organizations on campus to promote sustainable events by educating student leaders and by setting event sustainability standards.

In years past, ELS has hosted symposia that focused on pertinent environmental issues such as clean technology, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and water law. ELS members have actively participated in the annual water law symposium conducted by a diverse consortium of California law schools.

Finally, ELS is the host of the Green Games: a fun, sustainably driven social event where various teams compete in environmentally-themed games in Golden Gate Park. Please join us in our journey of making our community and our city a greener place to live!

Contact Us

2130 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA 94117