Public Interest Law Foundation Summer Grant

About the Public Interest Law Foundation 

The Public Interest Law Foundation (“PILF”) is a student-run organization that supports USF law students working in the public interest and public sector during law school and hoping to pursue public interest and public sector careers upon graduation. The mission of PILF is to: 

● Foster a community of law students interested in public interest work. 

● Educate students about job opportunities in the public interest sector and serve as a resource for job leads. 

● Raise money to support unpaid Summer work in the public interest sector. 

● Encourage law students to volunteer in the community and help provide meaningful and appropriate opportunities to do so. 

● Educate students about ways that private and firm attorneys can make meaningful contributions to the public interest through pro bono and other public service opportunities. 

● Instill a sense of community ownership, pride, and responsibility that will motivate students to make positive changes. 

USF PILF Summer Grants provide funding to USF law students who work in the public interest or public sector jobs during the summer. The total number of grants and amount for each grant is based on the total amount raised by USF PILF through PILF’s annual fundraising events, matching funds donated by the School of Law Deans’ Office, and other fundraising efforts.

Please read the 2024 PILF Summer Grant Application. To apply, submit and complete the 2024 PILF Summer Grant Google Form with supporting materials by the deadline of April 5, 2024 by 5PM.

If you have questions about the application, requirements, selection process, or disbursement process, please contact PILF at or the Office of Student Affairs at

Eligibility Requirements

At the time of application, an applicant must: 

● Be in good academic standing at the USF School of Law, which can be verified by the Law Registrar’s Office; 

● Have completed a minimum of fifteen hours of Eligible Service during the 2023-24 academic year

● Have secured Eligible Employment (see below); 

● Not be receiving other grant funds, work-study compensation, or a salary in excess of $4,000 for their Summer work; and 

● Not be receiving academic credit for their Summer employment. 

Eligible Service 

Applicants must complete a minimum of 15 PILF-sponsored community service hours during the 2023-24 academic year. Applicants are encouraged to make note of additional community service or volunteer hours completed in addition to the 15 mandatory PILF-sponsored community service hours.

PILF Sponsored Community Service Events

For questions about these opportunities, contact the PILF Co-Chairs at