Off-Campus Conference Reimbursement

Student Conference Reimbursement

Individual students may request funding for conference registration fees, or conference registration fees and conference travel costs. All requests should be submitted to the Deans' Office.  The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Stephanie Carlos, will notify students via email of the outcome of their request for funding within two weeks of their submission of a complete application. 

Application for Student Conference Funding

Before the Conference

  1. Review the 2021-2022 Conference Funding Standards and Petition to ensure that you are eligible for funding. 
  2. Complete your application according to the Application Checklist found in the Standards for Student Conference Funding form.
  3. Submit your complete application, including the Petition for Student Funding and all necessary supporting documents, in hard copy to the Deans' Office in Kendrick 328 or via email to

Applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the anticipated conference to be considered by Dean Carlos. 

Reimbursement for Student Conference Funding

After the Conference

All approved applications are paid through reimbursement only. You must follow the requirements listed below to request your reimbursement. Failure to follow these requirements may result in a delay or denial of your request for reimbursement.

  1. Complete the Expense Report for Non-Employees. All fields must be completed, except the Fund/Org/Account/Program, USF Contact Person, and Department Authorization Signature fields. 
  2. Collect original, itemized receipts for each expense. General credit card receipts that indicate the total amount spent are insufficient. 
  3. Draft a conference assessment statement according to the guidelines set in the Standards for Student Conference Funding. 
  4. Submit your Expense Report, itemized receipts, and conference assessment within two weeks of the conference date. You may submit these documents in hard copy to the Deans' Office in Kendrick 328 or via email to

Your reimbursement will be mailed to the address listed on the Expense Report. If you prefer to receive payment via direct deposit, complete the Direct Deposit Form and include it in your post-conference packet.