Frequently Asked Questions


Are we revising the Vision, Mission, Core Values or just the Mission Statement?  

USF's mission statement has taken many forms - only the most recent version has had this Mission, Vision, Values structure. Our charge as a writing team was solely to revise the mission statement, using the vision as a guidelight, and drawing upon the values. We've attempted to create a statement that is aligned with both our currently-expressed values and those that we heard in our Fall 2020 discernment sessions, but that stands on its own. 


How does this process relate to the strategic planning process underway? 

The Mission Statement represents the “why” behind what we do as a university and the strategic plan signals “how” we do it.  The guiding values articulated by the strategic planning team is an internal document meant to inform their process and not meant to replace the core values of the university.  


What happens after these discernment sessions?

In partnership with the Mission Council, the writing team will integrate what was heard in the discernment sessions into the draft.  This will be submitted to President Fitzgerald and the Cabinet for final review before being submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.  


What if I cannot participate in a discernment session but want to offer my reflections on the statement?

If you cannot participate in a discernment session, we encourage you to reach out to a Council Member for a conversation.