About M2M

Mission and Start

The series aims at transforming educational engagement with anti-racism by identifying critical pedagogical needs, institutional impediments, strategic priorities, and effective practices for advancing DEI in our teaching and throughout CAS. This project is developed as part of the Faculty in Conversations on Racial Pedagogy (CoRPs), part of the 6 + YOU initiative, funded by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Jesuit Foundation, creating “opportunities for the University of San Francisco to address racism, and anti-Black racism specifically, in this historical moment”.

M2M Fellows


  • Christina Garcia Lopez (ENGL and CDS)
  • Aysha Hidayatullah (THRS)
  • Sangman Kim (BIOL)
  • Quỳnh N. Phạm (BAIS)
  • Evelyn Rodriguez (SOC)


  • Rachel Brahinsky (UPA and POLS)
  • Zifei Fay Chen (COMS)
  • Nicole Gonzales Howell (RHET)
  • Rebecca Gordon (PHIL)
  • Aaron Hahn Tapper (THRS)
  • Evelyn Ho (COMS)
  • Adrienne Johnson (ENVS)
  • Oren Kroll-Zeldin (THRS)
  • Brandi Lawless (COMS)
  • Susan Steinberg (ENGL)
  • Ron Sundstrom (PHIL)
  • Joyce Yang (PSYC)


  • Sophie Engle (CS)
  • Aysha Hidayatullah (THRS)
  • Sangman Kim (BIOL)
  • Zach Reese (PSYC)


  • Nour Al-muhtasib (BIOL)
  • Sarah Camhi (KIN)
  • Jen Dever (BIOL)
  • Chloe Hunt (ENGL)
  • Tika Lamsal (RHET)
  • Rivka Louissaint (ART)
  • Lijing Ma (PSYC)
  • Herman Nikolayevskiy (CHEM)
  • Brian Thornton (BIOL)
  • Joyce Yang (PSYC)

M2M Projects

The following projects are ongoing:

  • Best practices recommendations for faculty website project
  • IRB-approved research into how the workshop series impacted anti-racist behaviors in participants' daily lives
  • Coordination with the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) initiatives to train faculty and staff on campus
  • Development of externally facing certificate programs in anti-racist pedagogy

The work on these projects is ongoing and will continue into the next academic year.