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The 6 + YOU Initiative

6 + YOU is a group of 6 projects which, together, create opportunities for us to address racism, and anti-Black racism specifically, in this historical moment.  In addition to these 6 projects, YOU (members of the USF community who would like to participate in this effort) can apply for a small grant to launch a pilot project to address racism.  YOU are an important part of anti-racism work at USF and you bring your own lived experience, expertise and ideas.  We encourage members of our community to dream expansively and apply for a small grant to pursue your own activist ideas.

THE 6 projects

6 + YOU is funded generously by the Jesuit Foundation.  The goal of the 6 projects is to create racially just spaces in and beyond our USF community. 

The 6 projects resonate with the Jesuit Foundation’s and USF’s mission of humanizing programming that educates the whole person, builds our capacity to be a community “for others,” develops a “diverse, socially responsible learning community,” and furthers USF’s strategic goal of recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty, staff, and student community; their sustainability across time and their potential for rooting within, and growing out of, USF’s collective ground; their ability to address the specific racial justice challenges raised both within USF and outside of it; and their feasibility.  The goal of these 6 projects is to create racially just spaces through this third pandemic and beyond. 

  1. One Community, One Book
  2. Black Student Leadership Fellowship
  3. Learning Across Difference: Understanding the Roots of Anti-Blackness, Whiteness and Racial Bias in the United States, A Course for International Students
  4. Faculty in Conversations on Racial Pedagogy (CORPs)
  5. Cultural Centers Dialogues on Race
  6. Re-imagining the Department of Public Safety


Members of the university community are invited to submit proposals for grants to pursue anti-racism work in areas not already represented in the 6 projects. We welcome proposals, from any and all USF constituencies, for small grants (up to $1000) and large grants (up to $2500).   

We especially encourage collaborations across USF roles (for instance, staff and students), from populations not strongly represented in or served by the major initiatives (for instance, part-time faculty or student groups). Collaborations with non-USF community groups are also welcome.

The proposed projects can be focused within a USF community group (for instance, racial literacy within a student organization), focused on the USF community at large (for instance, a public forum or programming opportunity open to the whole community), and/or focused on the surrounding San Francisco community. At the culmination of the end of the year, we are aiming to showcase and celebrate all of the participants. We hope that this will also support a broader learning about the funded initiatives.



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Interested in learning more? Check out the slides from Summit #1 of January 29, 2021


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