Jesuit Foundation Grant Initiative


The 6 + YOU Initiative

6 + YOU was a group of 6 projects which, together, created opportunities for us to address racism, and anti-Black racism specifically.  In addition to these 6 projects, YOU (members of the USF community who wanted to participate in this effort) had been able to apply for a small grant to launch a pilot project to address racism.  YOU were an important part of anti-racism work at USF and you brought your own lived experience, expertise and ideas.  We encouraged members of our community to dream expansively and apply for a small grant to pursue your own activist ideas.

THE 6 projects

6 + YOU was funded generously by the Jesuit Foundation.  The goal of the 6 projects was to create racially just spaces in and beyond our USF community. 

The 6 projects resonated with the Jesuit Foundation’s and USF’s mission of humanizing programming that educates the whole person, builds our capacity to be a community “for others,” develops a “diverse, socially responsible learning community,” and furthers USF’s strategic goal of recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty, staff, and student community; their sustainability across time and their potential for rooting within, and growing out of, USF’s collective ground; their ability to address the specific racial justice challenges raised both within USF and outside of it; and their feasibility. The goal of these 6 projects was to create racially just spaces through this third pandemic and beyond. 

  1. One Community, One Book
  2. Black Student Leadership Fellowship
  3. Learning Across Difference: Understanding the Roots of Anti-Blackness, Whiteness and Racial Bias in the United States, A Course for International Students
  4. Faculty in Conversations on Racial Pedagogy (CORPs)
  5. Cultural Centers Dialogues on Race
  6. Re-imagining the Department of Public Safety


Members of the university community were invited to submit proposals for grants to pursue anti-racism work in areas not already represented in the 6 projects.  We especially encouraged collaborations across USF roles (for instance, staff and students), from populations not strongly represented in or served by the major initiatives (for instance, part-time faculty or student groups). Collaborations with non-USF community groups were also welcome.  

The following projects received 6 + YOU grant funding for spring 2022:

Bad Taste in Movies: An Analysis of Blackness in Film

Black Girls Lives Matter Children's Book Project

Campus Police & Diversity Campus Forum

CODEX Builders: Entrepreneurship for All

Composition Declarations on the Poetics of Education

DIRE Conversations: Cultivating Allyship, Multicultural Humility, & an Awareness of Self through Thoughtful DIRE (Diversity, Inclusion, Race, and Equity) 

Intergenerational Working Group for Social Change & San Francisco Village

Public Leadership: Leading Courageous Conversations about Race within the MAPL Graduate Academic Coursework

Racial Identity School Counseling Faculty Study Group

Racial Literacy through BIPOC Playscripts in Gleeson Library Collection

“Radical Redistribution”: Reparations for the Black Descendants of Enslaved Africans

Restructuring Curricula through Racial Literacy Rubric

Urban AfroFuturism: A Community Engaged Event Bridging USF’s African American Studies, Leo T. McCarthy Center, SF Urban Film Fest, & the African American Arts & Cultural Center

The following projects received 6 + YOU grant funding for fall 2021:  

COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Plan in the Latinx Community of San Francisco

Black Educology Journal Housed in USF, School of Education

Creating Alignment: Developing an Anti-racist Board to Support an Anti-racist Strategic Plan at the McCarthy Center

Environmental Justice is Racial Justice

Collective Memory, Ethnic Identity, and Public History: Building Cross-Racial Solidarity in the Bay Area

Culture Restored

Radical Parenting Group Community Resources


Healing San Francisco's Black Communities

Addressing Bias and Racism in Assessment

Practical Workshops on Countering Oppression in Performing Arts and Beyond

Patterns of Collection Zine Project

“It’s Not on Us, It’s In Us”: Leading Change Through Health

Afropessimism and Anti-Black Racism: A discussion with Frank Wilderson III


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