Glossary of Terms

AXIOM: Platform used to upload application information to Banner.

Cert A - Academic Certificate: This certificate course is offered for academic credit, appears on a transcript, and can be transferred. These courses are overseen by the originating program, with faculty assignments determined by the program. Course curriculum is reviewed via standard program Curriculog process. Students pay standard tuition rates and enroll either as current students or as visiting students.

Cert B - Professional Certificate: This certificate course is offered for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). These courses do not appear on a transcript and cannot be transferred. Applications are received via Cert Slate, and admitted students pay a predetermined fee to enroll. These courses are open to the public, meaning undergraduate students, graduate students, working professionals, etc. can enroll.

**Academic Non-Degree: A Visiting student registers for a course, there is no transcript or degree. This type of student registers for the course, pays tuition rate but does not get the degree.

Curriculog: is a curriculum management system that automates the process of course approvals within each school through electronic workflows. The online system allows faculty and staff to create, modify, inactivate, and reactivate courses. Cert A and Cert B materials need to be submitted to Curriculog in order to be approved.

Certificate Slate or Cert Slate: An application management system used to manage and track applications for our certificate courses. Also used to host info sessions, issue certificates of completion and review data.

Digital Badge / Badgr: Upon completion of a professional certificate course, students are issued a digital badge through the Badgr platform. This badge serves as a verifiable, portable, and shareable record of their achievement, showcasing their skills and competencies to employers and peers.

Certificate of Completion: A PDF certificate issued to students who have successfully completed a professional certificate course. This document formally acknowledges their accomplishment and the specific course they have completed.

CEU (Continuing Education Unit): A unit of credit granted for the completion of a professional certificate course. One CEU equals ten hours of class time. CEUs are used to quantify the time spent in professional development and lifelong learning activities.

Pass/Fail: Professional certificate courses are graded on a pass/fail basis. Course instructors track student attendance and participation to determine whether they have met the requirements to pass the course.

Transcripts: Professional certificate courses do not appear on academic transcripts, as they are offered for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) rather than academic credit. CEUs are recorded separately and are intended to reflect non-credit continuing education activities.