Graduate Application Review in Slate

Talk to your Slate Captain in your School/College to ensure you have the proper access and training before you begin. Each department may have different processes. 

Accessing Slate Reader

Log in to Slate at gradapply.usfca.edu/manage. It will redirect you to sign in to your myUSF account login page, if you are not already signed in.

To watch a video demo of navigating Slate, please visit the Resources page

Once in Slate, click on the Reader icon (appears as an open book with small bell)

The bell icon indicates that you have files to read.

Reading applications in your queue

Once in Reader, to read the files in your queue, click on the Queue menu option.

A list of applications will appear, if you have applications in your queue. 

Adding an application to your queue

If files are not assigned to you by someone else, navigate to Browse, look in the available bins to find applications to read.

Select candidates to add to your queue by clicking on their name, which will highlight their row. Then Click on "Add to Queue".

Reading an application in your queue

Once you have applicants in your queue, you can navigate through their application materials. Double click on their name to view their documents.

You can see previously submitted reviews by clicking on the Previous Read tab. 

Once you are reviewing an application, you can click on the "Review Form/Send to Bin Button" to show your review form. Any information you put in your review form will auto-save, but it will not be accessible by anyone else until you submit the form. 

To submit your form, fill out any required fields, select the appropriate next bin (or keep in current), assign the next reader if applicable (start typing their name), leave an optional note for the next reader, and Send.

If you are not the only person with the application in your queue, you will not have these options. You would just click Send. 

Reading an application not in your queue

If you want to read an application but do not plan to submit a review form, you can click on the two-pages icon on the row by their name to view their documents without adding them to your queue. 

If you decide to add them to your queue, there will be a button to "Add to Queue" that you can click to add that application to your queue so that you can submit a review form. 

Removing an application from your queue

If you need to remove an application from your queue without submitting a review form, navigate to your queue, click on the name of the person you want to remove from your queue to open their application. 

Once their application is open, you will see a button to "Remove from Queue".

It will ask you if you are sure you want to remove this applicant from your queue, since any notes you may have entered on the review form will be lost once you confirm.