Preceptor Support Materials

Helpful Preceptor Teaching Tools

The following guides and resources are available across the web as helpful tools in developing preceptor skills, teaching methodologies and exploring various practices for engaging students in clinical development.

Clinical Tools for Precepting

The following links provide access to helpful websites that provide clinical tools for learning, teaching, and promoting best patient practices.

  • AACN Preceptor Resources: Toolkit for APRN preceptors.
  • EMPR: helpful research guide for medications.
  • Family Practice Notebook: a notebook-style database of knowledge for disease management.
  • Medal: Provides over 20,000 medical algorithms
  • Medscape: Free online, nursing and medical journal, pharmacy, disease, and management guidelines reference database.
  • MD Calculator: Provides various screening, algorithm, and calculating tools for practice.
  • Magellan: guides for prescribing Psych medications.
  • Picmonic: Pictographics used to help improve the understanding of medical conditions.
  • Skinsight: Skin condition finder and education.
  • TLDR Pharmacy: Study guides for pharmacological management of patients.

Free CEU Websites for Preceptors

The following are websites that offer free educational online and live webinars for CEU activity.