Academic Information


  • Select preliminary courses by referring to the sponsored program binders in the CGE or your host program’s website. If you have trouble finding course listings online, contact us to help you navigate through the host institution’s website. You may also wish to contact the host coordinator directly for an up-to-date list of courses.
  • Once you have an idea of the courses you would like to take abroad, please discuss how these courses might be able to fulfill a USF Core, Language, Major, Minor, or Elective requirement with your Academic Advisor or Dean.
  • Complete a Petition to Enroll at Another Institution (PEAI) form prior to departure. This verifies your approval to study abroad, and states you’re your courses have been pre-approved by the following administrators: Study Abroad Advisor, University Evaluator, Major Department Chair, and Academic Dean. We advise that you list as many potential courses as possible. For more information, see the Study Abroad Forms page.
  • The PEAI form(s) are matched up with your study abroad transcript once it is sent to USF. You are responsible for completing a RETROACTIVE PEAI upon your return if you end up taking classes that weren’t pre-approved.
  • JUST IN CASE! Those who have not yet heard back from a study abroad program are advised to register for USF courses for the upcoming semester in the event that you are denied admission.
  • Upon accepting an offer, if you are a Sponsored program participant, drop your USF courses immediately and inform the CGE so that we can register you under the appropriate study abroad course number.
  • If you are an External program participant, instead of being given a study abroad course number, drop your courses and file a leave of absence form.

Registration Abroad

  • Each host program/institution has its own registration procedure. Official registration will take place upon arrival at your study abroad site. Typically, a language placement exam is administered as well.
  • Once you arrive at the host institution, if for any special circumstances you need to add, drop, or change your schedule, please email the USF Transfer Center, and your course department advisor/chair and Academic Dean, to receive their evaluation and approval of the course(s). You are responsible for recording any revisions to your preliminary PEAI form by completing another one upon your return.
  • Keep syllabi of the courses that you did not list on the preliminary PEAI form. Bring course descriptions and syllabi back with you, as they will help in making retroactive adjustments to your PEAI. Also note how many hours per week each class met.
  • Please be aware that you must abide by the host university’s academic policies and rules.
  • Consult your host university coordinator and Dean’s Office at USF regarding grading options such as Pass/Fail, which is allowed for USF Electives only.
  • If you reduce your course load you may fall below full-time status and this will adversely affect your financial aid.

Withdrawing from Study Abroad

  • If you need to withdraw from the study abroad program, first advise your host study abroad coordinator and the Center for Global Education. There may be financial and academic consequences for withdrawal. Please refer to the USF Academic Calendar for withdrawal deadlines.
  • If you are unable to withdraw in a timely manner, you may not be guaranteed enrollment at USF and will need to take a “Leave of Absence” for the semester. Please refer to USF’s Academic Calendar in the Appendices section for specific dates. Please inquire about penalty fees, refund policies, and deadlines associated with your host institution/program.

Extending your Study Abroad

  • If you wish to extend your study abroad, first consult the host program/institution and the Center for Global Education for approval. You must also consult your Academic Dean and department advisor/chair at USF for specific graduation and major/minor requirements. If approval is given on all ends, ask your host coordinator how to go about extending your student visa and completing other processes on their end. From there, you should contact USF’s University Evaluator to approve your courses and credits.
  • Keep in mind, USF has a residency requirement of spending your last 30 units at USF unless waived by Academic Dean.
  • Contact the Student Financial Services to inquire how to renew your financial aid.