Spring 2017 Application Procedures

  1. Submit a Study Abroad Interest Form, which is also available in our office.
  2. Ask yourself some key questions before you start your program search. Visit our office for research advice, resources, and materials. Please return any unused brochures.
  3. Apply for, or renew U.S. passport. Allow up to three months for processing & delivery. Instructions & applications are available in our office. Passport photos can be taken at the One Card Office.
  4. Complete the Disciplinary Clearance Form. All undergraduate students who wish to study abroad or participate in an international program (e.g., faculty-led course, immersion, field trip, etc) must have a satisfactory disciplinary (conduct) record with the Office of Student Conduct Rights and Responsibilities (OSCRR).The Center for Global Education (CGE) will contact OSCRR with the list of all students interested in or having applied to studying or traveling abroad. OSCRR will grant CGE disciplinary clearance enabling students to advance in the application process. Students who are under academic probation are not eligible to participate in any type of USF-sponsored study abroad program or immersion program. Students who have been or are on Conduct Probation (Disciplinary Probation) as determined by OSCRR are not allowed to participate in any kind of USF-sponsored international program (e.g., study abroad, short term program, immersion, field study, etc.).
  5. Review eligibility requirements. Discuss any graduation concerns, college/school requirements & policies, waivers/approvals with your major/minor Academic Advisers & CASA Academic Success Coach.
  6. Drop-in or schedule an appointment to meet with a study abroad advisor. For financial aid concerns, consult a Financial Aid Officer in the One Stop. Download the Budget Planning Worksheet to help estimate the costs of your study abroad and to compare costs across programs you may be considering. 
  7. Complete and submit program application(s) to us before October 3rd. We will make a copy of your application materials & mail them to your respective program(s) for free!
  8. Give us a copy of your acceptance letter. If you do not get accepted into your first choice, you may have time to apply for other programs depending on the program’s application deadline. See us if you fall into this situation. If you decide to cancel or postpone your study abroad, you must inform the CGE and host institution/program that you applied to via email.
  9. Complete and return host program’s confirmation materials (i.e. agreement forms, course information, housing questionnaire, etc.) by their given deadline. We can send these materials for you.
  10. Obtain and submit the following pre-departure materials to the CGE before the last day of class of the semester prior to studying abroad:
  11. COPY OF ACCEPTANCE LETTER or e-mail acceptance
  16. LEAVE OF ABSENCE (EXTERNAL program participants ONLY) (PDF)
  17. PETITION to ENROLL at ANOTHER INSTITUTION (PEAI) , which must be signed by the following people in this particular order & returned to the CGE:
    1. Study Abroad Advisor, LM 340
    2. Student (you)
    3. University Evaluator, LM 251 (One Stop)
    4. Faculty Advisor or Major Dept. Chair
    5. Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA), UC 3rd Floor
    6. St. Ignatius Institute Advisor (if applicable)
  18. Attend MANDATORY Pre-Departure Meeting. If you cannot attend, you must sign up for a make-up session or meet with a study abroad advisor. Review the Admitted Student section of the CGE’s website. Thoroughly read the Study Abroad Pre-Departure Handbook and share it with your family.
  19. Plan USF courses for return semester with your Academic Adviser or Dean. Pre-arrange USF housing with Office of Residence of Life, or complete a Housing Release Form  if you will not live on campus upon your return.
  20. Find out if you need to apply for and obtain a student visa. You are responsible for this. Attend a visa workshop or schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor for visa guidance. The CGE is not responsible for any abrupt changes in the Consulate’s policies or regulations for visa applications. The application process can take up to 60 days so do your research as soon as you receive your acceptance letter. Some Consulates have VERY strict protocols. Prepare and plan ahead!
  21. Make airline reservations. See your primary physician for a check-up and obtain necessary immunizations. Familiarize yourself with the culture, language, and customs of your host country.
  22. Be sure to designate someone in your family to re-apply for FAFSA, and take care of your USF Financial Aid renewals.

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