Arrupe Justice Immersion Program


The Arrupe Justice Immersion Program works with a variety of faculty and organizations to provide intensive summer and intersession programs (2 -4 weeks) for USF students. These programs are both local and international, and focus on social justice via core Jesuit components.

The Arrupe Justice Immersions are global opportunities for USF students to learn and be in solidarity with people living on the margins in terms of social, economic, political and environmental status. As an Arrupe Justice Immersion student, you will become intimately involved in one of various communities, observe and share their lives, listen to their stories, learn from the experts and participate with others in the construction of a more just world.  

 The immersion programs educate for solidarity within a globalized world and to experience the "nitty-gritty reality of that world" by combining academic, experiential, and reflective experiences that are based on the Jesuit ideal of observing, reflecting, analyzing, and acting (The Circle of Praxis).  


  • Understand the human rights language, the challenges of the people living in the margins of society and struggling to meet their basic human necessities, the experiences of men and women committed to social justice, and the social and political situation of the region that our students are visiting.
  • Have the ability to rethink the world from the experience of people in a different culture (cultural and academic pertinence).

  • Understand the vision of USF and find answers of what the world need from our students

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Arrupe Summer Immersions Contact Information:

Kique Bazán
Associate Director for Immersions
Phone: (415) 422-2708

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