Immersions Offered

The following is a list of all immersions offered by the University of San Francisco.

For Academic Immersions, please contact faculty directly, faculty may allow students from outside their programs/school join the immersions. For University Ministry contact Mariana Plazas

Academic Immersions: CAS (College of Arts and Sciences), SOM (School of Management, SOE (School of Education), School of Nursing and Health Profession (SONHP)

UM - University Ministry

L - Living Communities

* - For undergraduate students only

** - For graduate students only

*** - Open to all students.

Spring Break 2019 Immersions

Spring Break 2019 dates are March 10-17, 2019 unless stated otherwise. 

Summer 2019 Immersions

  • TBD. Central Valley Immersion -  Jo Loomis ** (SONHP)
  • May 5-16. EMBA: Hong Kong or Germany- Frank Fletcher (SOM)
  • May 17 - 31. More than a Meal: Thailand- Heather Hoag  (CAS)
  • May 20 - June 9. Photographing Budapest: Urban Tensions, Global Trends- Pedro Lange-Churion (CAS)
  • May 20-29.  Salzburg Global SeminarWalt Gmelch/Noah Borrero. *** (SOE)
  • May 20-26. AGI: China Innovation and Global Integration - Prof. Liang Wang and Roger Chen* (SOM)
  • July 22-August 7, 2019. Culture and Environment in AlaskaProf. George Gmelch *** (CAS)
  • TBD. Rainforest Enrichment & Sustainable Forestry Project: Puerto Rico - Seth L Wachtel  (CAS)
  • June 16-July 1. Tropical Restoration Ecology Field Course: Borneo- Gretchen Christina Coffman (CAS)
  • TBD. AGI Switzerland:PSM Biotechnology program - Moira A. Gunn

Potential 2020 Winter Immersions

Potential Summer 2020 Immersions.

  • Daramsala, India. Prof. Tsering Wang Chuk