Disciplinary Clearance

All students who wish to study abroad or participate in an international program (e.g., faculty-led course, immersion, field trip, etc) must have a satisfactory disciplinary (conduct) record with the Office of Student Conduct Rights and Responsibilities (OSCRR). Only undergraduate students are required to complete this form.

The Center for Global Education (CGE) will contact OSCRR with the list of all students interested in or having applied to studying or traveling abroad. OSCRR will grant CGE disciplinary clearance enabling students to advance in the application process.

Participating in a study abroad program includes demonstrating an ability to abide by the University’s standards, policies and procedures as outlined in the Fogcutter Student Handbook. The Center for Global Education requests conduct history information from the Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities (OSCRR) prior to approving a study abroad application.

Students who are on Probation (Disciplinary, Housing and/or University) are not allowed to participate in any kind of international program (e.g. study abroad, short term program, immersion, field study, etc.). An evaluation to determine a student's eligibility will take place for students who had previously been on Probation. Additionally, any information provided by OSCRR including, but not limited to, violations of the University’s Student Conduct Code or other issues involving disruptive behavior may impact a student’s eligibility.

USF Students

If you are a University of San Francisco student complete the form below before moving forward with your study abroad application.

USF Student Disciplinary Clearance Form

Visiting Students

If you are a Visiting student (NOT a USF student) complete the form below with the appropriate administrative official at your home institution.

Visiting Student Disciplinary Clearance Form