Food and Community Submissions 2023

Carcassonne, France, 2019

Isabella Bracamonte photo submission

When visiting Carcassonne, France, a medieval citadel dating back to the Gallo-Roman period, I stumbled upon this cat with beautiful jade colored eyes who was living out its royal life.

Rota, Spain, Summer 2023

Logan Thoreson photo submission

I went to Spain to visit my childhood friend and we spent a few weeks traveling around and trying different food. The fish was flounder, the other was the cityscape of rota and Seville in the distance at night. 

Salerno, Italy, January 2023

Jennifer Tripp photo submission

During a cooking class I captured this photo of my cousin showing off the filling for a dish.

London, UK, Summer 2022

Layla Magee photo submission

Two sisters, who live on opposite sides of the U.S, reunite in London. Still being able to share their favorite meal together, hot pot, even if it is on another part of the globe.

Naviti District School on Naviti Island in Fiji, June 2023

Marla Lowenthal photo submission

The joy of learning is everywhere.

Naviti District School on Naviti Island in Fiji, June 2023 (2)

Marla Lowenthal photo submission

The joy of learning is everywhere.

Japan, Summer 2023

Natalie Ghannad photo submission

A representation of the many families in Japan who rely on working at the fish market. The elderly man still being part of the workforce is very common in Japan, as the country has a very high average life expectancy. 

Stockholm, Sweden, January 2019

River Depew photo submission

This was my first time traveling internationally by myself; as a person who struggles with anxiety, this was an amazing feat. This is a photo of the first 'fika' I had in Stockholm with the family I met there and they taught me that it was to take a break and spend quality time with one another over coffee/tea and some to eat, typically a pastry, but we had something savory!

Prague, Czechia, January 2019

River Depew photo submission

Remembering Aleš; The only person looking into the camera, Aleš, was a friend we made while in Prague at a pub that was open in the middle of the night. It was so refreshing to be able to connect and build community wherever we went. A couple years later, he actually came to California to visit since he was here for work. About two months ago today, he sadly and suddenly passed away. This photo is in remembrance of him. 

Morelos Market in the city of Puebla, Mexico, October 31st, 2018

Rosario Dempsey photo submission

Celebration of life after dead! "Vive la Vida"

Cholula, Puebla México, July 9th, 2015

Rosario Dempsey photo submission

"Vivamos todos" Long live all of us!

Las Vegas, April 2023

Rucha Maslekar photo submission

The photo is taken in hard rock cafe.We were so hungry as roaming around strip and got these amazingly tasty nachos.

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