Grateful Garment Project

Service is a key component of Title IX and REPS work on campus. This year, we are partnering with the Grateful Garment Project to provide resources to survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Please email if you wish to join this work. We are aiming to donate over 25 Dignity Kits this year in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Take Back the Night.

Kits are due by the first week of May. You can drop off a Dignity Kit at the University Center 5th floor circulation desk. 

To learn more about the Grateful Garment Project 

Dignity Kits

Dignity kits will be going to survivors-in-need impacted by sexual violence. The Grateful Garment Project partners with agencies including but not limited to: Medical SART facilities, Group Homes and Youth Shelters, and  County Education. 

How to make a Dignity Kit: 

  1. Items will be contained in a storage bag (gallon or larger). The size of storage bag will depend on the size of the items used for a Dignity Kit. (Tips: roll garments with tape or a rubberband for compact packaging!) Please note: items must be new, toothbrushes must be packaged, and do not include money or personal notes). 
  2. Use a Dignity Kit template below. 

Dignity Kit Templates

“Healing Vibes” Kit: The intention is to provide a form of personal meditation, some “me time”.

  • Stress Ball or Handheld Massager
  • Cozy Socks or Slippers
  • 10 Tea Bags & Sleep mask
  • Adult Coloring Book & Colored Pencils
  • Lotion

“Youth Remedy” Kit: The intention is to provide youth with a portable “pick-me-up”.

“Warm-n-Safe” Kit: The intention is to provide extra gear for a tough season.

  • Basic Long-Sleeve Tee or Thermal
  • Flashlight
  • Beanie & Gloves
  • Cozy Socks or Slippers
  • Tea bags or Hot Cocoa

Tip: Rolling the shirt tightly makes it easier to pack!

“Fresh-n-Clean” Kit: Essentials for a fresh start.

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Soap or Body Wash
  • Comb, Deodorant, and/or Razor with Shaving Cream
  • Sponge, Loofah, or Washcloth
  • Pair of Socks & Underwear

Drop off all kits will be in UC 5 by the end of April. Email for questions or contact Grateful Garment at