CH 31 - Your 1905

  • Your 1905 lists what you are approved to be certified for during the term.
  • Bookstore benefits will be processed once your 1905 is received. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.
    • Your 1905 will note what you will be allowed to purchase (ie. Up to $50 in supplies, Special approval for electronic purchases, No dual textbook purchases without permission, etc.)
    • Should you need any additional materials not mentioned on your 1905, please contact your counselor.
  • Should your 1905 allow for a parking permit, you may go to Public Safety in the University Center 5th Floor to receive a permit.
    • The Registrar’s office Veterans team will communicate to Public Safety that you are able to receive a permit.
  • Student insurance is NOT covered by the VA. Be sure to complete the USF insurance waiver during the waiver period by the deadline (Fall: September 1, Spring: February 1).
    • Once you waive for the Fall term, it will be applied for the Spring term as well.
    • You will not need to waive insurance for the summer term.