CH 33 - What to expect

Below is more information of what you can expect with the VA benefits process at USF.

  • Fall certifications begin at the end of July and run through August. Spring and Intersession certifications run from December through January. Summer certifications run from April through July.
  • You must inform us each semester that you intend to use your VA benefits. Students are required to complete the online certification request form to start the certification process and confirm your use of benefits once you are registered. We do not automatically certify students.
  • Certification requests are processed in the order they are received. Intersession, Spring, Summer certification requests will be accepted from November - March. Fall requests will be accepted from April - October
  • We will submit your first certification to the VA with your future semester dates, number of registered credits, and tuition/fees at $0. The VA will use this information to calculate and send your book and housing stipends. You will receive a confirmation email at your USF email when we submit your certification to the VA.
  • Starting the fourth week of the semester, we will submit a second certification with any credit adjustments and your semester tuition and fees. The VA will then process any credit adjustments and send eligible funds to USF.
  • Pending Chapter 33 aid will be applied at the start of each term. Anticipated VA aid will show on billing statements as "bill to agency credit." Please be aware that bill to agency credits are calculated based on your enrollment and entitlement; adjustments may be necessary due to registration changes and the actual dollar amount that is sent by the VA on your behalf. It is your responsibility to notify us if or when any changes are made to your benefit eligibility.
  • Balances resulting from aid adjustments due to registration or entitlement changes are your responsibility to pay. Since you will be able to see your benefit amount prior to the semester payment due date, you are required to adhere to all payment due dates. If you have a remaining balance after your VA aid has been applied, you may also consider utilizing the semester payment plan (link) for balances over $2,250.