Campus Safety

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff, 

One of the great qualities that makes USF a distinctive place to learn, explore, and work is our location in the heart of the city. Recently, a few members of the community have contacted the Department of Public Safety to alert us to individuals who were thought to be following them in the streets adjacent to campus. There were no crimes committed and no one was physically harmed. Thankfully our community brought these instances to our attention and we were able to respond accordingly.  

USF officers are conducting extra patrols. If you are concerned about travel in the immediate area, please contact the USF Department of Public Safety at (415) 422-4201 for a safety shuttle or escort. To learn more about these services, please visit USFCA Shuttle & Safety Escort Services. To schedule in-person workshops on safety in the city and at USF, please email the Department of Public Safety.

If you are traveling off campus and within the city limits and are concerned for your immediate safety and well-being, please dial 911 to reach the San Francisco Police Department. To learn more about how to stay safe while in the city, please visit SFPD’s  SF SAFE - SFPD "Safety Awareness For Everyone Program" website.  

Please report any suspicious activity on or around campus immediately to the USF Department of Public Safety at (415) 422-4201. For emergencies, call (415) 422-2911. For crime prevention and safety tips, please visit our Public Safety website.  

Department of Public Safety