Core Advisory Committee

USF's Core Curriculum is currently undergoing assessment in anticipation of our WASC Accreditation visit in Fall 2018. For more information about this process, please click here to visit our Core Assessment page.

Current (Fall 2017) Core Advisory Committee Members

Faculty Co-ChairEve-Anne Doohan (of Communication Studies)
Administration Co-ChairSuparna Chakraborty
Area A ChairTed Matula (of Rhetoric and Language)
Area B ChairJack Lendvay (of Environmental Science)
Area C ChairHeather Hoag (of History)
Area D ChairAaron Hahn-Tapper (of Theology and Religious Studies)
Area E ChairElizabeth Katz (of Economics)
Area F ChairChristine Young (of Performing Arts and Social Justice)
School of Management Rep.Shenzhao Fu (of Marketing)
School of Nursing Rep.John Joseph Hurley (of Nursing)

The objectives of the Core Advisory Committee are:

  •   To give faculty representatives an important voice in the development and implementation of the CORE curriculum
  •   To make policy recommendations to the Dean of Arts and Sciences about revisions or changes to any aspect of the CORE curriculum
  •   To oversee the six Core Area Subcommittees established to review new course applications, and to establish procedures necessary for submitting and deleting courses in the CORE and to establish transparent rules for evaluation
  •   To maintain a liaison with the deans of all schools affected by the CORE Curriculum
  •   To report regularly to the Policy Board on important issues relating to the CORE
  •   To undertake assessment of the CORE.
  • The CAC includes six area committees:

  •   Area A: Foundations of Communication
  •   Area B: Math and the Sciences
  •   Area C: Humanities
  •   Area D: Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics
  •   Area E: Social Sciences
  •   Area F: Visual and Performing Arts
  • Core Area Committee Members

    Area A: Foundations of Communication
    ChairTed Matula (of Rhetoric and Language)
    Public Speaking DirectorMichelle Lavigne
    Composition Co-DirectorsCathy Gabor 
    SOMKimberly Rae Connor
    Area B: Math and Sciences
    ChairJack Lendvay (of Environmental Science)
    BiologyScott Nunes & Brian Thornton
    ChemistryGiovanni Meloni
    Computer ScienceDavid Wolber
    KinesiologyKaren Francis & Julia Orri
    MathematicsCornelia Van Cott
    PhysicsHoracio Camblong
    Area C: Humanities
    ChairHeather Hoag (of History)
    EnglishSusan Steinberg
    Modern & Classical LanguagesZhiqiang Li
    Area D: Philosophy and Theology
    ChairAaron Hahn-Tapper (of Theology & Religious Studies)
    PhilosophyMarjolein Oele
    SOMNeil Walshe
    Area E: Social Sciences
    ChairElizabeth Katz (of Economics)
    Communication StudiesEve-Anne Doohan
    Media StudiesSusana Kaiser
    PoliticsElizabeth Jay Friedman
    PsychologyGerdenio Manuel
    SociologyStephanie Sears
    Area F: Visual and Performing Arts
    ChairChristine Young (of Performing Arts and Social Justice)
    Art + ArchitectureRachel Beth Egenhoefer


    Area committees discuss proposed course designations via e-mail and, when necessary, meet as a group. Faculty seeking a core designation(s) for a course must submit a New/Change in Course Proposal form. More information is provided on the Courses page.

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