Art History & Museum Studies

Student sits in front of painting at SF MoMA

Blend history and theory with practice.

Visual literacy, critical thinking, and research skills meet professional experience in a combined art history & museum studies curriculum designed to help you thrive in the art world.

The Art History & Museum Studies Program trains students in the history, visual literacy, critical thinking, research, and communication skills necessary to become ethical, forward-thinking leaders in the art world and beyond. Combining rigorous academic training with hands-on, professional experience, this program is designed to help students thrive in rewarding careers such as museum and art gallery administration, curating and art registration/collections management, arts education, business, law, development, public relations, project management, and more.

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The Art History minor trains students in the history, visual literacy, critical thinking, and research and writing skills that will help them to become successful professionals in the art world and well beyond. Minors go on to graduate studies and successful careers in the humanities, art history, curatorial and museum studies, law, psychology, business, biology, medicine, and more.

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The minor in Museum Studies offers students training in the history, theory, and practice of museums and other cultural institutions, and provides significant “hands on” experience designed to complement a student’s major area of study. This uniquely practical program serves students in the arts, humanities, science, and professional fields (like art, design, history, English, education, science, music, anthropology, law, business, and technology) who wish to diversify their skills and pre-professional experience or to pursue rewarding careers in museums and other cultural institutions. All students complete a semester-long practicum in USF’s Thacher Gallery as well as at least one 120-hour internship in Bay Area museums and cultural institutions, along with academic courses that build both professional skills and knowledge of museum studies history and theory. (20 units)

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The mission of the University of San Francisco’s Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Museum Studies is to shape leaders in museums and cultural organizations of all disciplines. Through a curriculum that emphasizes social justice, community engagement and hands-on experience, students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to strategically transform museums in a constantly changing global context.

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