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Graphic, web, publication, interactive, and environmental design that does good.

By combining a holistic approach to design with a passion for justice, you’ll create stunning work that inspires change. Our program is built around the idea that today’s designers must be able to work comfortably and effectively across a broad range of media with an eye toward the greater good. This includes print, digital, interactive, product, and information. You’ll develop the skills to independently and collaboratively design critical and thoughtful messages, interfaces, and public spaces. Our courses are held in state-of-the-art computer labs, where you’ll gain hands-on experience with advanced production methods and digital technologies.

The program integrates coursework in graphic design, digital media design, and environmental design into a dynamic interdisciplinary studio concentration. By practicing design in an expanded field, students gain comprehensive experience with a wide range of process-oriented skills, including conceptual development, visual rhetoric, formal experimentation, and critical thinking.

learning outcomes and requirements

The minor in Design allows students of different majors to learn introductory visual communication skills that can be applied to their project work in other disciplines.

learning outcomes and requirements