Waitlist Procedures

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The class I want to take is full. What do I do?

When a Design class is full, you should add yourself on the waitlist. All Design classes use waitlists to manage enrollment, and you must add yourself to this waitlist if you would like the opportunity to take the course. If you require technical assistance adding yourself to a waitlist, please contact CASA at casa@usfca.edu.


What is the waitlist procedure?

  • No students will be moved off the waitlist until a full week after registration opens to undergraduate students. This means that you should expect to wait at least a week before finding out if a spot has opened in the course you want to take.
  • If a seat in a course opens for you, the Design Program Director will email you to have you added to the course.
  • All decisions about Design waitlists are handled by the Design Program Director, not by individual faculty -- so emailing faculty individually will not change your status on the waitlist. If you have concerns about your course plan, please contact your major or minor advisor, or the Design Program Director
  • While you are waiting to see if a seat opens in your waitlisted course, sign up for a back-up course (or courses) in the meanwhile. It is essential that you continue to progress in your academic program.
  • If you have concerns about your 4-year graduation plan because of being waitlisted, please contact your Design major or minor advisor.
  • Do not attend a class on the first day unless you have been moved off the waitlist for it, and into the course itself. As course enrollment is carefully managed across the Design program, individual faculty are not authorized to over-enroll their courses.