Adviser Information

Here you will find advising information for the Communication Studies program.

Who is my academic or major adviser?

Academic/major advisers are Communication Studies faculty members who are typically assigned during the Communication Studies major orientation prior to the start of your first semester at USF. Students can also visit the department office in Kalmanovitz Hall, room 313, to be assigned a major adviser or contact the Program Assistant for more information. To find information about assigned your academic adviser, check your myUSF student Self Service account

Can I change my assigned adviser?

To change your academic adviser, the Program Assistant must be informed by your desired adviser. We encourage students to keep their assigned advisers because each faculty member has many advisees. The number of students assigned to each adviser should be balanced as much as possible.

What are my adviser's office hours?

The Communication Studies faculty members’ drop-in office hours are posted outside of the department office in Kalmanovitz Hall, room 313. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a particular professor, their contact information can also be found in the office hours list. The Program Assistant will send an e-mail to students with the faculty’s office hours for the semester within the first two weeks of the semester.

How often am I supposed to see my adviser?

Your major/COMS adviser helps make sure that you are on the right track to graduate in a timely manner and answers any questions about classes or scheduling. In your first two years at USF, you will not be able to register for classes until you have seen your adviser because she/he has to lift the registration hold on your account (refer to the Registration section for more information). Even if you don’t have a hold, you are welcome to visit your adviser to discuss your progress, the major, or life after graduation. Typically, you will meet with your adviser once a semester during the two weeks prior to registration.

I made an advising appointment. What should I bring to my meeting?

You should come to your advising appointment with a tentative schedule. To make this schedule, you should review the CORE and major requirements to figure out which CORE and/or major credits you still need to fulfill.

What is the difference between my University adviser and major/COMS adviser?

University advisers are members of CASA (Center for Academic and Student Achievement) who can answer general questions about the University’s requirements, provide academic assistance or coaching, and help you fill out necessary forms. Your major/COMS adviser often works closely with your University Advisor to help you succeed. Your University Advisor, while an important resource, cannot lift your hold or give you the most up-to-date information about the major. Please see your major adviser for all questions about completing the major in Communication Studies.

Academic Advising Appointments Through Advisortrac

To make an academic advising appointment regarding registration for the following semester, we utilize an on-line scheduling system called Advisortrac. The Program Assistant e-mails instructions and reminders to students before academic advising begins, which typically occurs the week before and week of registration for the next semester.

Appointments must be scheduled 24 hours prior to your desired meeting time. Appointments cannot be booked on the same day. If you have any questions, please contact the Program Assistant.

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