Study Abroad Program

I want to study abroad my junior year, what should I do?

If you are planning to study abroad, be sure to let your major/COMS advisor know as early as possible. Because many study abroad programs do not offer Communication Studies major classes, we typically advise students to try to “save” their CORE Literature, History, and/or Visual/Performing Arts classes to take while they are abroad since these are often easier to transfer.

Visit the Center for Global Education for more information on studying abroad.

As a general rule, we accept up to 12 transfer units (of any kind including study abroad and classes taken before arriving at USF) toward the COMS degree. Please see the department chair for special cases. In the semester before you leave, you will fill out a PEAI (Petition to Enroll in Another Institution) Form (step 9 of the study abroad procedure) that needs to be approved by the department chair. You will need to bring the PEAI form AND a printed copy of detailed course descriptions for any COMS Major/Minor course you hope will transfer as COMS Major/Minor credit. Drop off the forms and descriptions in the department office, Kalmanovitz Hall, room 313, for the department chair and/or make an appointment to see the chair during office hours. The most commonly transferred COMS course is COMS 496: Internship.

What paperwork do I need to have to ensure that I get credit after studying abroad?

Be sure to keep a copy of your syllabi, especially for Communication Studies classes taken abroad. The syllabi will be evaluated for credit towards the Major/Minor.