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About the Program

ENVS Major

The Environmental Science major is a total of 56 units. Here is a breakdown of the unit requirements:

  • 20 units: Required Courses (ENVS 110, ENVS 210, ENVS 212, ENVS 250, ENVS 410)
  • 20 units: Required Support Courses
  • 16 units: Upper-division Electives (ENVS 3XX)

Further details about the major requirements can be found here

Course name Course Title Notes
Intro to Environmental Science w/ Lab ENVS 110/110L  
Environmental Data Analysis ENVS 250  
Ecology w/ Lab ENVS 210/210L  
Air and Water w/ Lab ENVS 212/212L  
Intro to Chemistry w/ Lab CHEM 150/150L or CEHM 111/112 Take the "Chem. Readiness" test to determine the appropriate class. A score greater than 49% is recommended for CHEM 150/150L.
Intro to Chemistry II w/ Lab CHEM 151/151L or CHEM 113/114  
Gen Bio I w/ Lab BIOL 105/105L  
Gen Bio II w/ Lab BIOL 106/106L  
Intro Physics PHYS 100 Or PHYS 110, CS 110, or MATH 109
ENVS Elective ENVS 3XX * You can take 4 units of the upper-division electives outside of ENVS. (Example: Environmental Law or Environmental Justice w/ ENVA.)
ENVS Elective ENVS 3XX
ENVS Elective ENVS 3XX
ENVS Elective ENVS 3XX
Environmental Monitoring w/ Lab ENVS 410/410L  


ENVS Minor

The Environmental Science minor is a total of 20 units. Here is a breakdown of the unit requirements:

  • 4 units: Introductory Course (ENVS 1XX)
  • 4 units: Foundational Course (ENVS 2XX)
  • 8 units: In-depth Courses (ENVS 3XX or ENVS 4XX)
  • 4 units: Elective Course (ENVS 1XX, ENVS 2XX, ENVS 3XX, or ENVS 4XX)

Further details about the minor requirements can be found here. Your major/minor advisor can inform you of any unit overlap between other fields of study and the Environmental Science program.