ENVS Fall 2022 Advising Slides

If you would like to see the slides from our most recent advising period, click here.


Advising FAQs

If you would like to declare or change your major/minor to Environmental Science, please contact the Environmental Science department at The department coordinator will help you schedule an informal advising meeting with the department's Chair or a faculty member in our program.

The department Chair or faculty member will set up a meeting with you to talk more about the major/minor, advise you on what classes to take, and answer any questions you have about the program. After meeting with someone from the Environmental Science department, the next would be to complete a Change of Academic Program (COAP) form. The COAP form will be processed and you will receive confirmation of your new advisor in Environmental Science. 

USF Admissions accepts a score of 3 or higher. (See here.)

We accept a score of 5 as a substitute for ENVS110/100L for majors and minors on a case-by-case basis. 

We encourage students to enroll ENVS110/110L and check with the instructor after a week if the class does not seem like a good fit. 

The courses that are only offered in the Fall are:

  • General Chemistry I (CHEM111/112L and CHEM150/150L)
  • Air and Water (ENVS212//212L)
  • Physics 100

The courses that are only offered in the Spring are:

  • General Chemistry II (CHEM113/114L)
  • Ecology and Human Impacts (ENVS210/210L)
  • Environmental Data Analysis (ENVS250/250L)

The courses that may be substituted for Physics 100 are:

  • PHYS100
  • PHYS110
  • MATH109
  • CS110

Interested in Getting a GIS Certificate?

If you are interested in obtaining a Geospatial Information Science (GIS) certificate, please click here for more information. 

For more information on GIS-based learning, or the USF GsAL lab, please click here.