Course Information & Requests

How To Find Course Info

Your course info can be found by going to your Dashboard and selecting "Banner Self-Service (Faculty)" from your list of Apps. From there, you can either use "Select Course Reference Number (CRN)" if you know your CRN, or "Class Schedule Search." If using the former, select your Academic Term on the next page and hit "Submit." Click "Enter CRN Directly" and then type in your CRN. 

If using the latter, select your Academic Term on the next page and hit "Submit." Select the Subject you are teaching in, or use "ALL" if teaching multiple subjects. Then select your name from the Instructor field and select "Class Search." This will pull up all classes you are assigned to.

Clicking on the title of one of your courses will show you the enrollment numbers. The CRN for your course is the five-digit number between your course title and subject.

a visual example of where you will find the CRN on the Class Search page

The Census date for your course will be under the title of your course where it says "Last Day to Drop:." All teaching contracts for part-time faculty will be sent out on the census date for the course.

Requesting a Workplace Accommodation

Please see the Human Resources page for updated information on requesting a workplace accommodation.

If you need to request a new workplace accommodation, please contact the Leave of Absence Manager at the accommodation has been approved by Human Resources, HR will contact the office of Academic Planning and request a room assignment that meets the accommodation. If you already have an accommodation on file, but the room assignment you currently have does not work for you, you can contact the Director or Assistant Director of Academic Planning directly to discuss a change in room assignment.

Request a Special Classroom

If you are requesting a specific type of classroom that is not related to a disability accommodation, please contact the Director or Assistant Director of Academic Planning directly. These types of requests would include, but are not limited to, a whiteboard vs. blackboard, theater seating vs. desk seating, movable chairs and desks, lecture capture technology, etc. These types of requests are not guaranteed to be fulfilled as faculty and student disability accommodations take precedent, but the Academic Planning team will do their best to find a solution

Canvas Access

If you need access to Canvas for a course you are assigned to as an instructor for the current semester, or upcoming semester, please email the Director or Assistant Director of Academic Planning.

If you need access to a past Canvas course for yourself or someone else, including people that are outside of the USF organization, please email the Instructional Training and Technologies team at