How to Participate in the Innovation Hive

The Innovation Hive is open to all College of Art and Science students, faculty, and staff. Engineering students will acquire this training through their project classes. 

For non engineering students to access the main lab of the Ideation Lab and the Breakout space on the first floor of Harney there is an introductory workshop to join the Hive. After the introductory workshop there is an a la carte series of trainings to learn the equipment safely. To learn more please email with a request to join and you will be invited to the Innovation Hive Canvas page where you will be able to get started. The training schedule is posted to the Innovation Hive Canvas calendar.

The Hive woodshop, also known as the UnderHive, requires successful completion of one of the following classes to gain access during open lab hours: ARCH 104, ART 104, ENGR 010, ENGR 020. ENGR 010, Engineering Fabrication Lab, will be open to non engineering majors in the Spring of 2025 once we catch up on all our post construction training needs.