A range of high quality professional video and audio equipment and accessories are provided through the Media Lab.

Intro to Video

HPX-170Students enrolled in the Loading... course use professional HD digital video camcorder, the Panasonic HPX-170 to record digital video.


Advanced Video

Cannon D5 and lensesAdvanced students use the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR cameras equipped with a range of Canon lenses, and the Marshall HD monitor for viewing.



Audio recorderStudents record sound using the Tascam DR-100 digital audio recorder plus a variety of professional microphones and accessories.



The Media Lab has pro lighting equipment available for student productions:

Lowell Light KitLowell 3 Piece Light Kit

Kit includes: Set of gloves, Tripods (3), AC cables (3), Omni Light – 500watt lamp, Circular screen, Set of barn doors, Square barn door screen, Tota light – 300-watt lamp, Tota light – 750-watt lamp, Tota light screens (2), Folding Tota light gel holder, Umbrella and cover, Mafer clamp, Ceiling clamp, Floor mount clamp, Set of colored gels, Set of diffusion filters, Sheet of black wrap, Replacement bulbs.

Pro Light KitPro Light Kit

Kit includes: 250-watt Lowell ProLights (2), Stands (2), Set of gloves, Clothespins, Gels/Diffusion/Blackwrap, AC adapter (3 prong to 2 prong), ProLight barn doors (2), AC cables (2), Replacement bulbs.

RIFA Light KitRifa Light Kit

Kit includes: Rifa 500-watt with cover, Rifa 250-watt with cover, Lowell Pro Light 250-watt (Sheri’s), Stands (3), AC cables (3), AC adapter, Clothespins, Black rolls (2), Set of gloves, Gels/Diffusion, Scissors, Replacement bulbs (2 or 3.

Arri Light KitArri 3 Head Light Kit

Kit includes: 650 Plus Light, 300 Plus Light, 150 Plus Light, Barn doors (3), Tripods (3), Set of gloves, Gels/Filters, Clothespins, Mafer clamp, AC adapter.


Frezzi LightsFrezzi Light Kit

Kit includes: 100-watt Frezzi light, Battery holder, Battery charger, Batteries (2)