Our lab provides state-of-the-art video and audio production and editing facilities to students enrolled in production courses in the Media Studies Department.

Cowell G13 Media Classroom

Media Lab row of monitorsEach workstation is equipped with a MacPro tower, 24” Apple Monitor, Audio Mixer, Speakers, Headphones, and NTSC color correct monitor.



Cowell G14 through Cowell G20

A dual monitor set-upSix private editing suites are available for homework assignments, group projects. They are open 24/7.



Cowell G09 and G10: Audio Recording Studio and Control Room

The Digidesign Control 24 mixing consoleStudents can record voiceover, dialog, interviews, sound effects, or music in our sound proof studio. Students can work with an audio operator to record and mix multitrack sound for music and film using the Digidesign Control 24 mixing console.


Cowell G12 Equipment Checkout Room

student checking out equipmentStudents check out portable field equipment from our equipment service desk.




Media Lab Software

The Media Lab instructs students on industry standard video and audio editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro (2021 version), Adobe After Effects (2021 version), Final Cut Pro, and ProTools.