Classroom and Equipment Checkout

The equipment checkout desk is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. everyday.

Cowell G13 Classroom

Cowell G13 is a 15 seat, custom-designed, audio-video classroom and lab created for students enrolled in media production courses only. See schedule on Media Lab page to see open lab hours.

Classroom Policies

  • Please use for media production purposes only.
  • Food and drink in the labs are strictly prohibited.
  • Please turn your cell phone or other electronic device to vibrate.
  • You must wear headphones in the lab when others are working.
  • Lab monitors will be available during scheduled hours to assist you.
  • Notify a lab monitor, if you find that equipment/software is not working properly.

Computer Policies

  • Your USF Connect username will not access these computers. Please use our proprietary login information to access computers:
    Username: Student/Password: student
  • Do not save files to the desktop. Please save them to your drive, or create a folder with your name in the student storage folder, located on the desktop. Files on desktop could be deleted, or placed in “Left on Desktop” folder.
  • Do not turn off equipment, logout, or shutdown computers.

Equipment Checkout

Cowell G09 Checkout Room

Equipment Reservation

  • Can reserve anytime for anytime.
  • You must cancel unused reservations.

Tip – make a reservation two weeks in advance!

Equipment Checkout

  • Check out period for all lab equipment is 48 hours. You can return anytime during those 48 hours.
  • Carefully check, set up, and test the equipment before leaving the lab.
  • We do not provide headphones. Please bring your own.
  • You are responsible for equipment safety and maintenance while in your care and will be held responsible for repair or replacement costs

Do not:

  • leave equipment in car, or walk around at night with equipment cases
  • take sensitive gear in sandy or dusty conditions, or in wet or damp places
  • leave equipment unescorted, or on unstable surfaces

Equipment Check-in

  • Allow 10 minutes for equipment check in. Each bag must be checked at check-in.
  • Equipment must be returned in the condition received. Please report problems at check-in.
  • Equipment returned 30 minutes after return time will be considered late.
  • When your item is overdue, you will receive an email from the lab. If it is not returned the same day, you will receive a phone call. Late returns result in limitations to your privileges. Three strikes you’re out policy.

Late returns:

  • are recorded to your record
  • will result in the restriction of reservation privileges
  • will result in revocation of equipment checkout privileges

If you cannot return equipment on time, you can request to extend your reservation. You must first contact the lab and confirm that it is still available for the extension period.

Edit Suite and Audio Studio

Cowell G14-G20 provides six private edit suites and the Audio Studio/Control room is in COG10/G11.

Both are available 24/7 with One Card Access.

Reservation Policies

Rooms can be scheduled 9 a.m.-midnight. After midnight students may continue to edit through the night, or on a walk-in basis.

  • Reserve an edit suite through the equipment desk in attendant, or by phone or email. You will be contacted to confirm your request.
  • Students may reserve edit suites in four hour blocks, up to eight hours per week. This may go down to four hours per week during peak usage times.
  • Editing time will be forfeited if the scheduled editor does not show up within 15 minutes of time.


Media Lab staff are available for technical support and software questions during lab hours. For troubleshooting, questions or consults re: equipment, software, or other lab-related issues, contact Sheri Brenner, Media Lab Director, at brenners@usfca.edu or (415) 422-5868.