Four Year Plan For Politics Majors

The following is a four year plan for politics majors.

Politics Major Requirement Checklist

This is a general roadmap that outlines the basic contours of the major requirements. All POLS majors have designated faculty advisors who will review your plans prior to registration each semester to check your progress in the major. Consult your advisor to see how this general plan applies in your specific case. 

First Year

  • Complete 100-level courses, consider taking a 200-level seminar in the second semester after taking at least (1) 100-level course.

Second Year

  • Start or finish your 200-level seminars.
  • Apply for Study Abroad, USF in DC.
  • Summer: Consider USF in Sacramento!

Third Year

  • Take 300-level courses.
  • Enroll in POLS Internship/SL Course

Fourth Year

  • Make sure to take a 400-level POLS research course.
  • Enroll in POLS Internship/SL course if you have not already.

Core Curriculum (44 units)

  • A1 Public Speaking
  • A2 Rhetoric and Composition
  • B1 Math or Quantitative Science
  • B2 Natural or Laboratory Science
  • C1 Literature
  • C2 History
  • D1 Philosophy
  • D2 Theology
  • D3 Ethics
  • E Social Sciences (fulfilled by POLS)
  • F Visual and Performing Arts
  • (CD) Cultural Diversity
  • SL/CEL Service Learning

Foreign Language: Politics Students must pass the equivalent of the third semester of a language.

Major Courses (44 units)

  • 100-level Introduction #1
  • 100-level Introduction #2
  • 200-level Thematic Seminar #1
  • 200-level Thematic Seminar #2
  • 300-level Elective #1
  • 300-level Elective #2
  • 300-level Elective #3
  • 300-level Elective #4
  • 300-level Elective #5
  • POLS Internship/Service Learning
  • 400-level Research Seminar

Minor (20 units): Students may wish to add a minor to complement their major.