What major should I choose?
Depending on your Credential track, you have some flexibility in choosing your major. If you’re on the Multiple Subject track, you can choose any major in the College of Arts and Sciences. For the Single Subject track, it is recommended that you major in the subject area that you want to teach (Math, Science, History, English).

How to Apply

What are the most popular majors for students in the DDTP?

Can I add a minor while participating in the DDTP?
Yes! The DDTP is very flexible and many participants choose to add a minor. We also recommend minoring in STEM Education as it really complements the DDTP.

Can I participate in the DDTP and other special programs?
Yes! Many of our students have joined other special program on campus to complement their work within the DDTP.

Can I study abroad?
Yes, depending on when you entered the program and your progress in it. Most students who join the program early are able to study abroad.

I'm a transfer student. Can I still participate?
It depends; however, most transfer students are able to participate. An advisor will work with you to figure out the best path. Transfer students are advised to contact a DDTP staff member ASAP.

Will I have to pay any extra tuition while participating in the DDTP?
No. (Yay!)

Is tuition for the Fifth Year (graduate year) the same as the undergraduate portion?
No. The graduate year is actually much cheaper (less than half the price of an undergraduate year).