The Undergraduate Teacher Education Center (UTEC)

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Credential Pathways

The UTEC coordinates between USF’s graduate Teacher Education Department and multiple undergraduate academic departments to ensure a dynamic, responsive curriculum for everyone. You can take credential courses throughout the undergraduate years to work toward completing one of our credential programs.

Credential Programs

You may earn an additional preliminary credential in Special Education by adding one year to either of the above programs.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education Minor

The STEM Education Minor is designed to give you exposure to a range of science, technology and mathematics courses while also developing some depth in one particular area. This minor best equips you to teach in STEM subject areas, increasing access to learning experiences in the STEM areas for future generations of diverse students. For students pursuing elementary education, we strongly encourage you to pursue this minor. With a STEM Ed minor, you will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate a range of STEM disciplines to broad audiences
  • Demonstrate focused understanding of a single STEM discipline
  • Apply educational models, theories and resources to STEM disciplines
  • Articulate connections between STEM disciplines and social justice

Bilingual Authorization

The Bilingual Authorization in Spanish is available to those who possess satisfactory language proficiency. Teachers with Bilingual Authorization are in high demand for teaching positions in the Bay Area and throughout California. We encourage you to apply if you have, or wish to develop, a proficiency in Spanish.

We are committed to preparing teachers for the linguistic diversity of California students! We are excited to offer an opportunity that brings together the strengths of the undergraduate Modern Languages Department with the expertise of the School of Education Spanish Bilingual Authorization Program.

Tailored to both heritage speakers of Spanish and new learners of the language, you will take up to 16 units of classes with a particular focus on community engagement. You will also have opportunities for tutoring and service learning.

The STEM minor and Bilingual Authorization options should be discussed during UTEC advising.

UTEC Staff

Name Office Telephone Email
Michael Rozendal
Academic Director
KA 286 (415) 422-5431
Mary Coen
ED 245 (415) 422-5113
Amy F. Joseph
Program Manager and Adviser
ED 125 (415) 422-6321