UTEC - Fieldwork

The fieldwork courses offer opportunities for first-hand experience in local schools.

Typically, the first fieldwork course is taken during sophomore year. The second fieldwork course is taken as late as second semester senior year. Students need to complete at least two semesters of INTD 385, 386 or 387.

During each semester of fieldwork, students must complete a minimum of three hours a week (45 hours during a semester) in a local classroom — observing, tutoring, delivering instruction and assisting the classroom teacher.

MS candidates will experience a K, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade for their first placement, and the second will be in a 1st or 2nd grade classroom. SS candidates will be placed in middle or high school.

MS/SS candidates will be placed in the same manner as MS candidates with the possible addition of a placement at the middle or high school level.

For students on the MS/SS track and the MS/Sped w/Sped Masters path, three field experiences are recommended. Students who have an interest in Special Education are recommended to take a third fieldwork class in a special education environment.


Prior to placement, students must complete:

  • Pre-placement meeting
  • Background check
  • Proof of negative TB results
nicole wickstromI loved the real experiences of creating lesson plans and activities that we could use in our future classes. I created a literature unit for a third grade class that I was able to adapt for the kids I teach now. I'll often meet for coffee with my mentors, who I now consider friends and colleagues. We exchange stories and ideas.

Nicole Wickstrom, MA '13