A unique feature of integrated teacher preparation programs is the field experience component, a feature that is considered by many to be a key advantage of such programs.

UTEC fieldwork serves as an opportunity for UTEC students to explore the teaching profession in greater depth and to apply, in practical settings, the knowledge they are acquiring in their teacher education classes. It is a highlight of their professional education. The courses offer opportunities for first-hand experience in local schools. Additionally, students develop a network of working professionals and teacher mentors that help them identify best teaching practices while working with students. In the field, students will observe, work with students one-to-one and in small groups, as well as teach whole-class lessons.

Students are paired with experienced mentors, many of whom are alumni of our programs. This connection adds further relevance and enables a unique relationship between mentor and student; the student is academically where the mentor has been, and the mentor is professionally where the student hopes to be.

Prior to placement, students will complete: pre-placement meeting, background check and proof of negative TB results.

nicole wickstrom"I loved the real experiences of creating lesson plans and activities that we could use in our future classes. I created a literature unit for a third grade class that I was able to adapt for the kids I teach now. I'll often meet for coffee with my mentors, who I now consider friends and colleagues. We exchange stories and ideas.”

Nicole Wickstrom, MA '13