Special & Third Party Billing

USF offers third-party billing, or Special Billing, to students whose employers or other outside agency will pay their tuition and/or fees and expenses.

Students whose company or agency reimburses them directly are NOT eligible for Special Billing. Payments contingent upon completion of class or grade posting are also not eligible for Special Billing.

We accept the following types of authorization:

  • An original tuition voucher or letter of authorization from your company's tuition plan administrator
  • A government agency authorization form or purchase order

Students must submit vouchers/authorizations to the Student Enrollment Services Office/Student Accounts, prior to the payment deadline for each semester. If a voucher is not received, the student must remit payment in full on the scheduled payment deadline(s).

Book vouchers are issued to students whose books and/or supplies are paid by their sponsor. Students must present an authorized book voucher at the bookstore to purchase allowable items. Book vouchers are valid only for the term in which they were issued. Some companies or agencies have specific guidelines regarding the purchase of books and supplies. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of and follow these guidelines.

Any items not covered by the authorization or voucher must be paid by the student.

If you have questions or would like more information, please e-mail us at specialbilling@usfca.edu or call (415) 422-2568.