AADSAS Application

The AADSAS application is available online typically between May 15th and February 1st of every year.  The application will require you to submit information including:

  • Biographical information
  • Colleges and/or universities attended
  • Coursework completed and planned prior to enrollment in dental school
  • DAT scores (if available)
  • Personal Statement (essay) – one page essay about you and why you want to become a dentist
  • Dental School Designations – where you indicate the dental programs to which you plan to apply
  • Background Information – including experiences related to the dental profession, extra curricular, volunteer and community service experiences; honors, awards and scholarships; work and research experiences

The AADSAS application fee is $195.00, with an additional $60.00 for every school you plan to apply to. Most dental schools will have a supplemental application that should be completed. The fees for each supplemental application will vary between schools.

Many dental schools have a rolling admission process, which means your AADSAS application should be submitted no later than August/September. If you turn in your application after these months, you will be placed at a disadvantage, since many schools begin the interview process in the fall, and admission by December.