Medical School Preparation - Hands on Experience

Medical School – Preparation


Be Active

Being involved in your community shows your motivation to give back and can help you gain hands-on experience in preparation for medical school.

Engage in the Field

Although clinical experience is not required for medical school, it is important to work in an environment where you can shadow and observe clinicians. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions and to be well informed about your choices before you decide to pursue medicine.

Do Research

Conducting research can provide you with greater knowledge about a particular field of study. Medical schools want to see applicants who are able to do research in an area you enjoy and want to explore further. Research does not have to be based in a laboratory – you can also perform research in areas such as Sociology, English, or Biology. Find a topic you are passionate about!


Taking the initiative to engage in work that helps to benefit others will help you stand out as an applicant. Medical schools are looking for leaders so being engaged in your community by mentoring or volunteering shows great motivation to help and support others.