Pre-Dental Course Requirements

Pre-Dental Course Requirements:

  • One year of Biology with corresponding lab
  • Three semesters of Chemistry (including Inorganic and at least one semester of Organic)
  • One year of English or writing-intensive course
  • One semester of Calculus
  • One year of Physics

Recommended Additional Coursework:

  • Courses where one’s manual skills are used and developed are encouraged by dental programs. These may include jewelry making or sculpture classes.
  • Since many dentists pursue private practice, it may be helpful to take a business course.
  • Biochemistry, Physiology, or Microbiology

Each dental school you apply to may have their own course requirements, so it is important to research schools well before you start the application process.

In general, you should not plan to use AP credit to satisfy pre-requisite coursework for dental schools since many will not honor AP credits.