Medical School Preparation - Should I Aspire For a Career in Medicine?

Medical School – Preparation

Should I Aspire for a Career in Medicine?

1. Is Medicine Right For Me?

There are alternative paths to consider if you want to be in the medical or helping field. For example, Nurses and Psychologists all help people without needed to commit themselves to an intensive 3-7 year residency after medical school. Engage in activities such as shadowing and volunteering to educate yourself more about medicine. Expose yourself to the field and gain as much experience as possible before making your final decision.

2. Have I Explored Other Interests?

Take your time in college to explore your options within different disciplines and opportunities without commitment. Once you are in medical school, you may not have as much flexibility to explore subjects outside of medical science. If you still decide to be a doctor, these experiences will make you a stronger applicant.

3. Whose Decision Is It Anyway?

Perhaps a family member or peer suggested medicine for you. While their input can be helpful and valuable, at the end of the day the decision rests upon you. A career counselor at USF can help you explore an array of options, administer self-assessments, and counsel you before you decide if medicine is suitable or not.

4. When Is The Right Time To Apply?

Should you apply now or wait? It is strongly encouraged to wait to apply for medical school until you are the strongest possible applicant and 100% ready. Instead of rushing through the application process, try spreading out your pre-requisite courses. Take your time exploring your career options!