Teaching Retreat

Early in the fall semester, faculty can apply to spend a weekend away reimagining one of their courses with the support and facilitation of the CTE and colleagues from across the University.

Applications open in August.

chairs outside in a park setting

Ready to renew and re-energize your teaching? This fall, CTE will bring together a small group of faculty for a weekend retreat at the Christian Brothers Center in Napa.  We’ll spend the weekend reimagining our courses and honing pedagogical techniques, with a focus on student learning, student engagement, and integrated course design. The retreat will provide time to focus intently on designing a new course or redesigning an existing course.


"Every colleague I spoke to amplified and expanded my way of thinking. I absolutely enjoyed coming together and just enjoyed the beautiful space."

"I loved meeting colleagues. I loved the time I spent with colleagues from across our university. I loved the connections I made and those that were made with me. I loved the location. I loved the sacredness of everything and the sacredness of the call to teach. I loved the emphasis on contemplation, on discernment, and I loved everything I was able to do . . . . [The CTE Teaching Retreat] allowed me to sustain myself and uphold the work our university is called to do--service. It is a transformative opportunity because it allowed me to be vulnerable, to be open, and to do my best to show up for others in their moments of openness and vulnerability."

"This is was a marvelous community of individuals. I felt welcomed and supported. What a beautiful gift of time and community. A truly restorative retreat where I feel invigorated in my teaching and recharged . . . . Really thankful for this inspiring experience."

"Thank you for supporting this deep work of teaching for our professors at the University of San Francisco. I learned so much from each faculty member who was there. It was like being able to go to a sacred well for a weekend, together with those who work in the classroom with students at USF like you do, and be able to pull on the waters. Each person poured a bucket of the waters of their multiple intelligences, their passionate teaching selves, their generosity in sharing. In deep gratitude for all that flowed from this teaching retreat and will continue to do so over the months and years to come."