Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)


Our Faculty Learning Communities (or FLCs) bring together small, inter-disciplinary groups of 6 to 10 faculty who meet twice a month for an academic year to address a pedagogy or academia-related topic of mutual interest. At the end of the year, each group shares its findings with the university community in some fashion. 

Participation in a Faculty Learning Community is a commitment to a deep process of learning together with a diverse, intentionally-created community. Under the guiding direction of a faculty Facilitator, each group identifies a convenient time for bi-weekly meetings for two consecutive semesters, discusses a division of labor for the work to be completed, and determines a method for sharing their work with the university as appropriate.

Each Facilitator gets one course release for the year (probably best taken in the fall semester). The FLC is awarded $300 per participant, up to $3000 total, to support the work of the group and contribute to the USF community. FLC funds may be used in a variety of ways. Past FLCs have organized events to share the group's work (such as lectures, symposia, workshops, or mini-conferences); invited visitors or speakers to campus; purchased books or materials; and supported student activities.

One key to a successful FLC is to make a topic broad enough to invite participation across disciplines and schools, but narrow enough to lead to significant benefits for faculty and students. 

"FLCs are like freshman seminars for faculty"

-EJ Jung (Computer Sciences)

"With FLCs I regained my addiction for learning."

-Shawn Doubiago (Comparative Literature and Culture)