What Is an FLC?

A Faculty Learning Community is a commitment to a deep process of learning through a diverse, intentionally-created community. Under the guiding direction of a faculty Facilitator, each group identifies a convenient time for bi-weekly meetings for two consecutive semesters, determines a method for sharing their work with the university as appropriate, and discusses a division of labor for the work to be done together over the year.

When Are They Offered?

We support several Faculty Learning Communities each year. Applications for these communities are accepted each spring. Each year applications are due by mid-April. We’ll select a new set of FLCs at the beginning of May.

What Kind of Topics Make Successful FLCs?

Topics should be broad enough to invite participation across disciplines and schools, but narrow enough to lead to significant benefits for faculty and students. See our examples of previous FLCs above for inspiration.

How Often Do FLCs Meet?

FLCs meet over the academic year, typically every other week for 90 minutes. All participants are encouraged to attend the meetings in person when possible. This helps to create a more cohesive community of learning.

Who Will Support My FLC?

A CTE co-director will periodically meet with the FLC Facilitators throughout the year, and the CTE Program Assistant will help with room reservations, budget questions, and miscellaneous issues.

Do I Need to Have All of My FLC Group Members Ready at the Time of My Application?

No. We encourage FLCs to include participants from across the university, but we understand that not everyone has the opportunity to invite representative members from each school/college/library. You are welcome to submit names for prospective group members, and if your FLC is accepted, we can help recruit members.

What Do We Do With Our Budget?

There are many things you can do with your budget, but they must comply with USF Accounting and Business Office regulations, which can change every year. Some examples of things you can do with your budget are purchase books, invite speakers to campus, host an event with catering, or create a publication. 

How Much Money Is Each FLC Given?

Each FLC will have a budget of $300 per faculty member, up to $3,000. We adhere to a census date of November 15th, which is when we will determine your funds for the rest of the year.
For additional information feel free to email us at cte@usfca.edu.