USF Food Pantry

Welcome to the University of San Francisco food pantry!

The University of San Francisco’s Food Pantry was established in the Fall 2018 semester and is available to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the University.

The pantry is meant to provide an intermediate solution for students who are experiencing food insecurity. Being food insecure means having limited or uncertain access to a sufficient quantity of food (USDA, 2011)


Due to the Northern California wildfires, the university has canceled classes and closed administrative offices, effective Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 2:30 PM, through Friday, November 16.

Our previously scheduled food pantry opening for November 16th has subsequently been canceled.

Additional dates for students to access the food pantry will be posted on our website once campus reopens. Please check back for updates. 

Students needing additional support should email