Loan Exit Counseling

Exit Counseling is required for students who are graduating or leaving school. Exit counseling does not prevent students from borrowing federal loans at USF in the future, and is not sufficient to officially withdraw students from school. The counseling provides useful information to help students understand their rights and responsibilities as federal loan borrowers and prepares them for repayment of federal student loans. Before you begin, gather all available income, financial aid, and living expenses information; you will need to reference it as you complete your counseling session. You will receive notification from the Office of Financial Aid when you need to complete the exit counseling. 

You need to complete exit counseling once you:

  • Withdraw from school
  • Drop below half-time status
  • Graduate

To complete your exit counseling, click the below link. Remember, completing exit counseling will not in itself preclude you from obtaining future Direct Loans in the event that you re-enroll at least half-time, pursue another degree, etc.