Types of Aid

When you think of the term financial aid, you often consider only scholarships and grants, but did you know financial aid includes all aid you are or will be receiving financially from all sources to help satisfy your student bill? That means this includes scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans. 

Let's take a deeper dive into what the various sources of financial aid are and how to access them.

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Learn more about federal aid for undergraduate and graduate students attending USF including grants, loans, and work study.

Three USF students working on a project together

Learn more about California state aid for undergraduate and graduate students attending USF including Cal Grant and Golden State Teacher Grant.

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Get information on grants and scholarships offered by USF. Great news! Most do not require a separate aid application to be considered.

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Find information and resources on and applying for outside or private scholarships. Tip: Apply for as many as you can.

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Have you exhausted your federal, state, and institutional financial aid options? Find information on using private student loan.

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Learn more about other financial resources available including using VA benefits, employee benefits, and third-party payments.