Additional Resources

There are several resources to help cover educational expenses including tuition. Here are a few of those resources.

Institutional Payment Plan

The institutional payment plan provides a convenient means for paying tuition, fees, and room and board through regularly scheduled payments.

Tuition Benefits

If you are a USF employee or dependent of an employee at USF or a participating member institution , you may be eligible for special tuition benefits. There are two kinds of tuition benefits.

  • Tuition Remission: Tuition remission is a waiver of tuition and is available to employees and their eligible family members who qualify and are admitted for enrollment at USF. Employees, spouses, Registered Domestic Partners (RDPs) and IRS tax-dependent children are eligible for 100% tuition remission when they meet specific eligibility requirements. The benefits apply to tuition only; all non-tuition expenses and fees are the responsibility of the student. A new tuition remission form must be submitted online for each semester that the benefit is requested. Please note that you must be an enrolled student to submit a form. For more information about the tuition remission process contact

  • Tuition Exchange (TE) and FACHEX: TE and FACHEX programs provide the opportunity for eligible IRS tax-dependent children of full-time faculty and staff to possibly receive an award for an undergraduate degree at a participating member institution. Be sure to review the TE institutions and FACHEX institutions who participate; links are listed on our website. Applying for a TE or FACHEX award does not guarantee acceptance at that institution or ensure that an award will be granted. Award criteria is set by the institution at which the child is applying, and as with most award decisions, the process is competitive and can be primarily based on academic credentials. USF accepts TE and FACHEX forms from September 1 to November 13 each year. Please visit the tuition exchange web page for application instructions.

Special and 3rd Party Payments: USF offers third-party billing, or Special Billing, to students whose employers or other outside agency will pay their tuition and/or fees and expenses. Students whose company or agency reimburses them directly are NOT eligible for Special Billing. Payment’s contingent upon completion of class or grade posting are also not eligible for Special Billing. Students must submit vouchers/authorizations to the Student Enrollment Services Office/Student Accounts, prior to the payment deadline for each semester. If a voucher is not received, the student must remit payment in full on the scheduled payment deadline(s). If you have questions or would like more information, please e-mail Special Billing at or call (415) 422-2568.

We accept the following types of authorization:

  • An original tuition voucher or letter of authorization from your company's tuition plan administrator
  • A government agency authorization form or purchase order

VA Benefits

If you are a Veteran with VA educational benefits you would like to use, you may initiate the process with our Veteran Affairs Office.

Pursuant to Title 38 US Code 3679 (e), with respect to any students using VA Education Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill®) or Chapter 31 (Veteran Readiness & Employment) benefits, while payment to the institution is pending from the VA, USF will not:

  • Prevent the student's enrollment
  • Assess a late penalty fee to the student
  • Require the student to secure alternative or additional funding
  • Deny the student's access to any resources (access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities) available to other students who have satisfied their tuition and fee payments to the institution.

To qualify for this provision, such students may be required by the school to:

  • Produce the VA’s Certificate of Eligibility or eBenefits entitlement summary by the first day of class
  • Provide written request to be certified
  • Provide additional information needed to properly certify the enrollment as described in other USF policies.

Types of VA Education Benefits include:

  • Chapter 31- Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E)
  • Chapter 33- Post 9/11
  • Chapter 35- Dependents Education Assistance (DEA)
  • Chapter 30/1606-  MGIB

More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at To inquire about using VA benefits at USF please contact the Veteran Affairs office at or (415) 422-7260.


The mission of the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) Dons Battalion is to educate, train, and inspire cadets to become leaders of character, committed to the Army Values, and prepared to excel as an officer in the US Army. All students at a four-year institution offering ROTC can participate in the program's first and second-year classes without obligation or commitment. Like a test drive, students can enjoy up to four semesters of ROTC and thoroughly investigate if becoming an Army leader is right for them without incurring a service obligation. For more information about ROTC eligibility please contact the Army ROTC office at or (415) 422-2562.