Undergraduate Federal Loans

Federal Direct Subsidized Loans are need-based loans for undergraduate students. The amount you can borrow is determined by your academic level and the amount of financial need based on a completed FAFSA each academic year. For Subsidized loans, the government pays the interest on the loan while the student is enrolled at least half-time, for the first six-months of grace period, and during a period of deferment.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans are non need-based loans for undergraduate students. The amount you can borrow is determined by your dependency status and your cost of attendance minus other financial assistance received. For Unsubsidized loans, the student is responsible for the interest that is accrued while the student is in-school, during the grace period, and during any type of deferment of forbearance.

Learn more about Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loan details.

Nursing Student Loan

Nursing Student Loans are a deferred payment, deferred interest loan administered by the Financial Aid Office and funded by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services to assist students enrolled in nursing programs.

  • 5% interest per annum accrues and repayment begins 9 months after the borrower graduates, leaves school or drops below half-time enrollment.
  • A completed FAFSA is required each academic year by the priority application deadline.
  • Repayment period may be extended up to 10 years.

The Federal Nursing Loan MPN and self-certification form are completed on the University Accounting Service (UAS) portal. Students will receive an email to go to the site to complete the form after the award is accepted.